A PC program that guarantees to:
>Solve all Sudoku puzzles.
>Create and Print thousands of puzzles.
>Teach you to become a master player.
>Show the strategies to solve puzzles.
>Provide easy to understand explanations.
>Play the puzzles on your computer screen.

Click the Solve Sudoku pencil to see how
the program solves sudoku.

Click the Training Screen pencil to see how
the program trains you to become a master

Click the Create & Print pencil to see how
to create puzzles from very easy to hard,
or create a puzzle with any large "LETTER"
in the center. These Sudoku puzzles, are
not found anywhere else.  Print it out for a
                *** Enjoy a Free Trial ***
Click the Get it Here pencil to see the 4
different ways to get this amazing program.
You can become a  
   Master Player!
The Window play screen is very easy to use, with "Talking Buttons" that explain the
function of each of the programs play buttons. Click the Training Screen pencil.
SuDoKu Puzzle Player, Trainer,  
Solver, Creator and Printer
The best all in one Sudoku Trainer, Solver, Creator, Player and Puzzle Printer available.
Create unique Alphabetical puzzles found no where else.
Create unique puzzles like: "HI"